TruFixed: New Interplay Family Member

Home ownership is rewarding but it’s also hard.

When you buy a house you’re suddenly expected to become an expert on 50+ types of service providers ranging from lawn care to the esoteric such as stain removal or countertop maintenance. It’s a daunting task and most homeowners are overwhelmed.

Recommendations from neighbors yield a wide range of quality and prices. Quotes for a single project can vary by up to 500% — that means most homeowners are overpaying for many of their services. And since the average homeowner spends 1–4% of the home value on maintenance each year; that can add up to big bucks.

To make matters worse, even if you do a half-ass job managing your service providers it’ll still take twice as much time as you’d like. Interviewing, comparing quotes, scheduling and sorting out payment will nickel and dime your day away, leaving you less time to work, see your kids or sleep. It’s a bum gig.

Meet TruFixed.

TruFixed is a home concierge service.

They manage every element of your property, including your recurring schedule of maintenance, small repair projects and large renovations. They specialize in getting to know your local vendors, enabling them to pick the best service providers and ensure great pricing. They’re also a single point of contact for the homeowner — you only need to remember one person’s number. Further, they serve as the single point of payment. TruFixed consolidates all of your maintenance expenses into one bill, simplifying your life.

The company is led by Jack Robbins, a military vet who did additional tours through Columbia Business School and Goldman Sachs before starting TruFixed.

They’re launching in Essex County NJ for now, with plans for the rest of the tri-state area in coming months. Check them out at

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