New @Interplay Investment: @TemperPack

We’re very excited to announce our latest investment in TemperPack’s $10M Series A financing. The company is poised to revolutionize the packaging industry.

While packaging isn’t the sexiest space on the surface, what TemperPack is doing is very cool.

TemperPack is transforming the packaging world by making more cost effective and green packaging. Food delivery and pharmaceutical companies have been shipping cold storage products to homes for years, but the old methods haven’t been recyclable, easy to use or cost effective to assemble. TemperPack is disrupting the space with a fully recyclable cardboard box and insulation. For many of their clients this not only means cost saving — it also means delivering a brand-consistent experience.

We’re excited to see green innovation break into another stodgy industry.

The founders — James, Brian and Charles — came out of the McGill and Wharton and since launching have been scaling rapidly. They’re killers.

We’re grateful to be along for the ride — we think they’re onto something big and will have a very positive impact while doing it.