Announcing: Bristol Palmer — BPO Services

I’m very excited to announce the launch of Bristol Palmer, a next generation outsourcing solution. Bristol Palmer provides clients with a fully managed outsourcing service, enabling clients to reduce the cost of their customer service, data entry, operations, personal assistants and other tasks without sacrificing quality.

Increasingly companies are focusing on their core competencies and relying on the latest generation of service providers to specialize in non-core functions. Despite that, there are still business functions that companies don’t outsource primarily because they never considered the option. For many, the decision to build in-house is often a culture instinct rather than a strategic decision.

Bristol Palmer fills those gaps. They manage a talented labor pool that is capable of reliably delivering repeatable logic-based tasks. Everything from customer service protocols to scheduling to data collection can be achieved at a lower cost without the headache of discovering, hiring and managing talent. With Bristol Palmer these solutions are just an email away.

The company is run by Ethan Meyer, a Goldman Sachs-trained CEO, who has been interested in the outsourcing world for ages.

If you’re interested in learning more drop me a note or check out Bristol Palmer directly.