There Are No Shortcuts In Tech

I’m impatient.  I always want to take the shortcut.  But, sometimes the shortcuts aren’t so short.

One thing that I’ve learned is that there aren’t shortcuts in software development.

With customers demanding new features, the sales team wanting more to sell and investors sniffing around your performance metrics, it’s natural to look for short-term solutions that seem like they’ll shortcut your roadmap.  Integrating half-built third-party solutions might seem like great ideas to the eager business mind, but they may not save your team time.

Here’s why:

It’s difficult to build technology; even the simple tasks are challenging.  While an API might be easy to use, integrating it throughout your product is time consuming.  And, once it’s in you’ll start to get customer feedback and you’ll need to iterate on how it’s integrated.  Next thing you know, your project that was supposed to have saved you time took longer than what you wanted to build originally.

The better path is to build your final product layer-by-layer.  It might delay some customer adoption or frustrate your sales team, but don’t take detours.  The shortest distance between A and B is a straight line.

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