Taking A Punch

CEOs Need To Be Able To Take A Punch

I’m not a violent person.  Violence seems like a waste of time for the hyper-productive.  That said, I think a CEO needs to be able to take a punch.

I don’t mean that literally.   But, a lot of people are constantly taking swings at CEOs.  Competitors, employees and investors often come to the party with their dukes up.  When a CEO least expects it any of the people involved in their business might lay a knuckle sandwich square in their kisser.

It doesn’t matter if getting punched takes the wind out of a CEO or knocks them to the ground.  What does matter is that the CEO always gets back up and charges back into the fight.

So get ready, black eyes and bloody lips are par for the course.  If you want to be a CEO of a startup, be ready to take a lickin’.  It’s part of the job and investors, partner and prospective employees are looking to join someone who can take a punch and keep smiling.

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